LOOPINTechies-Privacy Policy

Privacy & Policy

LOOPINTechies takes utmost care in keeping the privacy of the privileged clients from the reach of third party. All the info shared remains between clients and our firm. Any and all info asked for while registering an account is verified and kept as a record to maintain the relative data.

We take full response in keeping all the given details with ourselves; however, some voice calls recorded could be scanned for better response that could be concluded from analytics made after observing the calls.

LOOPINTechies has no relevance of gaining any financial information of any clients over telephone call made to support team; a precise payment gateway is dedicated for this purpose.

Remote access when asked for is only for resolving issue we do not copy any data as it is not required in our line of work.

All our working is based on the privacy policy rules and directives hence it is suggested to go through them carefully while enjoying the benefits of our services.

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