Our focus is clear – to help our employees learn new skills & capabilities, which propel their growth in the organization and achieve personal and professional success. This helps them and LOOPINTechies Services (India) Private Limited generate impact for our clients.

To facilitate this development, we offer world-class training programs, exposure to different geographies and a learning-oriented culture that cuts across levels. It’s not unusual to see even senior management immersed deep into 3-4 day long training programs to brush up on existing skills or acquire new ones.

Our culture reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of our company, visible in our hunger for success and passion for our people. Employees take pride in the impact they generate for their client, the camaraderie they share with their colleagues and the commitment they have towards the highest standards of excellence and integrity.

Our culture emphasizes on learning in all spheres – from acquiring specialized skills and brushing up management mantras to understanding Six Sigma and applying Lean tools. It is built from a strong DNA of process excellence that is committed toward generating impact for our clients and developing our people.We believe in the power of people to positively transform companies.

We are proud of our talent pool of diverse, skilled employees and work hard to attract, develop, and retain the best. This reflects in our attrition rate – amongst the lowest in the industry.

Career Development

We are committed to enhancing the skills and competencies as well as personal growth and development of our employees. We continually invest in the success of our people through continuous learning, leadership development, stretch assignments and flexible career paths that help people push their limits and realise their full potential.

We are craving for folks that have the proper angle for the duty profile, folks that don’t seem to be solely masterful however additionally good. We glance for folks that are sensible for America within the future, have inventive skills and will work expeditiously in a very team. For us, you as an individual and your thought method matters over your grades and tutorial records.

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